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Cow Urine Benefits

Cow Urine
Chemical Composition of Cow-Urine
A research conducted by the Cow Urine Therapy & Research Institute, Indore reveals many useful elements have been found in urine. Some of them are as below:
Urea is a major element found in urine and is the end product of protein metabolism. It is strong antibacterial agent.
Uric acid
Uric acid is similar to Urea and has strong antibacterial properties. In addition it helps to control cancer-causing substances.
Minerals from urine can be very easily reabsorbed as compared to those derived from food.
Dissolves blood clots, helps in curing heart diseases and improves blood circulation.
Bioactive substance and hormones
Epithelium growth factor
Helps, repair and regenerate damaged tissues and cells
Colony stimulating factor
It is effective for cell division and multiplication.
Growth hormone
Shows different bioactive effects such as promotion of protein production, cartilage growth, and fat decomposition.
Promotes production of red blood cells.
Promotes normalization of menstrual cycle and sperm production
Releases kallidin that expands peripheral veins and reduce blood pressure.
Tripsyn inhibitor
Effective for prevention and healing of muscular tumour.
Heals wounds and tumours
Anti-cancer substance
Anti-neoplaston, H-11 beta-iodole-acetic acid, directine, 3-methyl gloxal, etc. differ from chemotherapeutic drugs, which kill or injure all kinds of cells. They strongly prevent the multiplication of carcinogenic cells and return them to normal.
It is diuretic & stimulates kidney naturally.
It increases intestinal peristalsis and purifies blood
It maintains integrity of body tissues and blood.
It checks excessive deposition of fat.
It maintains RBC counts in blood and stabilizes stamina.
It has acts as a lithotripter.
It purifies the blood and checks hyperacidity
It is appetizer and alleviates muscle fatigue.
It is antibacterial and prevents gas gangrene.
Carbolic Acid
It is antibacterial and prevents gas gangrene.
It purifies blood and provides nutrition to bones; helps in coagulation of blood.
Antibacterial, Prevents Comma, and acidosis.
Vitamin A, B, C, D, E
They prevent excessive thirst, infuse vigour, and increase potency.
Lactose Sugar
Gives strength to heart, checks excessive thirst and giddiness.
Improve immunity, and promote the secretion of digestive juices.
Hippuric Acid
Excrete toxins through the urine.
It is antibacterial.
Swama Kshar
Antibacterial, improves immunity, and acts as an antidote.

Uses of Cow-Urine Cow-urine can be used:
In Ayurvedic medicines
The Ayurveda system of medicine describes cow-urine (Gomutra) to be a therapeutic agent. Mostly, cow's urine is given orally directly or indirectly in the form of pills along with other ingredients to cure a number of diseases.
As a pesticide for plants
Emerging data on cow's urine have reported its anti-fungal effects. It protects plants from pests and fungi.
In pure form
Cow-urine is used by Hindus in a number of auspicious functions. Some also consume it directly or in its distilled form called Ark.
Cow dung is basically the rejects of herbivorous matter which is acted upon by symbiotic bacteria residing within the animal's rumen. The resultant faecal matter is a rich in minerals.

Uses of Cow Dung
Cow Dung can be used:
Cow Dung is rich in minerals and that makes it very good manure. It is generally preferred over chemical fertilizers as it maintains the pH of the soil, unlike the chemical fertilizers which disturb the pH balance of the soil after repeated usage. Vermicompost could also be developed using cow-dung.
A majority of synthetic herbicides and pesticides are environmentally unsafe. These are toxic at exceedingly small concentration to human being and the target pest are reportedly developing resistance to these chemicals. A composition of cow-dung and urine forms a very effective pest repellent. Go-vigyan Anusandhan Kendra, Nagpur, an organization doing research on development of products from cow-urine and dung, has developed the formulation and produced the repellent that has proven performance for seasonal crops and horticulture. This organization has also developed mosquito repellent using cow-dung.

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